Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is a central feature of the home - its where you add fuel to start the day, catch up the family and prepare for tonight's dinner party or braai. It needs to look good, be functional and comfortable, whether you are into farm-style kitchens, contemporary kitchens or your own eclectic mix. It all begins here - browse 1000's of photos of beautiful South African kitchens to find the kitchen design ideas that suit you. Add your favourite photos and products to your designbooks to begin the process of designing your new kitchen.

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Kitchen Ideas – Designing a functional, beautiful kitchen

Kitchens are a central feature of the home, often coming in with the biggest price tag of all interior spaces during a new build or renovation.  Modern living often centres around an open plan kitchen that connects with other living spaces, and is not just a space in which to cook but also to socialise with family and friends.

Kitchen Designers often refer to the kitchen work triangle, which is the relationship between the placement of the sink, cooking appliances and refrigerator to optimise kitchen workspace efficiency.

Popular Layouts

One-wall kitchen

One-walled kitchen layout

Similar to a galley kitchen, this ultimate space-saving layout places all the kitchen cabinets on one wall. These designs are lean and clean, often with the addition of a kitchen island for additional counter top work-space, kitchen cabinets, housing the hob and sink or prep bowl.


Galley kitchen

Galley Kitchen LayoutGalley kitchens are similar to one-walled kitchens in that they are often long and narrow, but have 2 opposing walls with kitchen units and counter tops on both sides. Most restaurant kitchens use a galley layout because this is the most efficient use of a small space, while allowing free movement around the kitchen.


L-shaped kitchens

L-shaped kitchen layoutL-shaped kitchens have 2 perpendicular sets of kitchen cabinets joined in a corner, allowing free movement in the kitchen and eliminating through-traffic. This configuration allows flexible space use such as bringing in a dining table or mobile butcher block.


Horseshoe or U-shaped Kitchens

Horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen layoutU-shaped kitchens have kitchen units and appliances on 3 walls, and may include an island if there is enough space. They allow multiple cooks to work in different areas.



Peninsula or G-shaped kitchens

Peninsula Kitchen LayoutSimilar to L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, but with a “connected island” counter-top for workspace and seating. This design works well when you want a kitchen island but don’t quite have enough space for one.

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