House Joc

Project: House Joc

by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Renowned architectural company, Nico van der Meulen Architects, turned this home owner’s vision into reality by creating a family home with a contemporary edge, ingeniously showcasing the beauty of the panoramic views.  The design is stylized, while simultaneously being comfortable, and boasts every requirement for the perfect modern lifestyle.  The ingenuity of the architecture lies in the open-plan layout, dexterously defining the private and public spaces of the home.  It also takes full advantage of the views providing opportunities for both indoor and outdoor entertainment – ideal for the South African climate.   With true van der Meulen finesse, this house, designed by Rudolph van der Meulen, exudes an opulence and elegance of outstanding proportions.  One look at this symphony of architecture – with immaculate symmetry and a seamless flow of clean straight lines, punctuated only by the panache which the structure itself so brilliantly displays – leaves one in awe and with a sense of appreciation at such an arresting dwelling.  The house was purposefully raised above the natural ground creating the illusion of floating above the landscape – cantilevered elements reinforce this idea tremendously.   Upon walking through this prestigious abode’s entrance, magnificently constructed in glass – adding to the contemporary design of the structure – one is met with pristine contemporary identical staircases on either side of the entrance hall, magnetically leading and ushering one upwards.  The ingenious design of the separate staircases not only exhibit fantastic visual elements, but also allow privacy for the main bedroom, from the rest of the home.  The main bedroom and bathroom are separated by a marble island containing the basins and a fireplace, opening up and extending out towards the balcony, providing a gorgeous view of the milieu with structural elements that frame the views beyond.   The warmth of the home can be seen in the astute planning of the architectural design, and with the ingenious incorporation of the interior décor.  Pale and neutral hues fill the interior bringing with them a sense of peace and tranquility mingled with a contemporary and stylish feel as the furnishings add the final touch, creating a sophisticated and sleek ambience throughout the entire abode.  Influenced by early to mid-20th century modernism, the design and concept of the home was resourcefully achieved by the architect’s acumen in designing the floor plans and elevations at the same time, resulting in five distinct zones in the home, namely, the main living area, the private main room, the auxiliary bedrooms and the semi-public guest bedroom and study.  The fifth and final zone, being the basement rooms, was ingeniously constructed as the ground floor was built a considerable distance from the ground to perpetuate the gorgeous surrounding views.   Minimalistic design permeates the home, beautifully complimented by high rising windows allowing in a plethora of natural lighting, further enhancing and contributing to the serene feel of the home itself.   The double volume ceilings further create the feeling of space within the home.  The inventive use of water throughout the home contributes immensely to the peaceful atmosphere – the spill-over water features and pool, as well as an indoor splash pool, including the strategically placed underwater windows, offer views onto the respective water features linking the interior and exterior design perfectly, creating a flawless seamless flow throughout the entire home.   The boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces are further blurred through ingenious use of frameless stacking glass doors.  Opulent furnishings deck the exterior where one can sit back and enjoy the beautiful horizon ahead, while taking in the breathtaking South African climate.  One of the home’s most defining features is the beam and column structural element in front of the terrace, which was expertly placed away from the building to frame both the house and the surrounding landscape, depending on where one experiences it from.   The home is truly a home owner’s dream come true: it boasts an outstanding entertainment area consisting of a room used solely for the purpose of viewing movies in sheer comfort and class.  This home cinema is stocked with well chosen and carefully selected furnishings providing the utmost comfort perfect for relaxing, putting the feet up and enjoying endless hours of viewing.  The home also comes fully equipped with a contemporary and stylish bar further contributing to the amicableness of the open-plan design and adds to the residents’ sense of unity in this superb home.   This home is a testament to contemporary architecture – the best of both, combining elegance and class with comfort and style.

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